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date of birth 8.11.1995

Rusty Boy von Airedy Castle


father Rusy-Boy von Airedy-Castle    mother  Wheaten Volunteer´s Dita


As you can see from the date of birth, time is running. None of A - team is here among us. It is very sad, but that´s the way life goes.

Adam Screamer "Adamek"

Excellent, CAC

Alan Alda "Aldik"


Aldik is father of three litters of puppies. 

Alvin Ailey "Bob"


Anthony Quinn "Daily"


 Anthony Quinn

Arthur the King "Artur"

 Artur is on the picture with his mum Petra.

Annabelle "Any"


Any is mother of three litters in kennel Momart, CZ.

Anna Rebecca "Beky"


Beky is mother of one litter in kennel Wheaton Melody, CZ.


Angelika "Nora"


Antoanette Queen "Kvína"

JCH CZ, SK, PL. CH PL, CZ, SK. Club Champion SK, CZ, ICH. Veteranchampion CZ, A, SR. Grandchampion SK.

Kvína is mother of 7 litters of puppies in kennel Kní-York, CZ.






pf 2018 - 28.12.2017

Year 2017 went quite fast. It was for me and my dogs very fast, sometimes crazy.

Making news for web is more and more complicated for me, after getting FB two years ago...

In spring ...

Book about wheatens

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