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date of birth: 29. th of December 2012

father Glen Wheaten Darling 

mother Elisabeth of Queen Stars


Puppies were born on December 29th. We are very happy from them: four girls and two boys. Pedigree combination is very interesting, comming back to other German blood lines. We wish to all puppies happy life!

Father of puppies Glen is friendly boy, with strong bones, nice male head, he lives in family with small, two years old girl Sofie.

Mother of puppies is temperament, happy. In picture you can see her very shortly cutted coat with warm wheaten colour, her beautiful femine head and nice bones.

Here are pictures of puppies and their parents.































I... Wheaten Darling

date of birth.: 29.12.2012
 Glen Wheaten Darling  Geijes Tristan Trueman  Geijes Pat Mullen
 Geijes Sharon Shanon
 Glendree Pamppy from Breenagh  Bressal Bélach Ón Inis Glas
 Cady from Breenagh
 Elisabeth of Queen Stars  Anthony of Queen Stars  Choroschie Drusja´s Valesko
 Strongbow´s Corocca Kila
 Villa Rosa´s Merodda  Kealdale Avondale
 Villa Rosa´s Zowie-Zandie

pf 2018 - 28.12.2017

Year 2017 went quite fast. It was for me and my dogs very fast, sometimes crazy.

Making news for web is more and more complicated for me, after getting FB two years ago...

In spring ...

Book about wheatens

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