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Dog Sports

Sports cynology has not long been a domain of German shepherds only. This sport is rather complex and comprises of many disciplines. Every Wheaten could find different discipline entertaining and thanks to their brightness and endurance Wheaten could achieve remarkable results.

Bark!The obedience exercises have to be done daily. We have to be able to call the dog at any moment, the dog should know how to walk on the leash, by the foot of the owner and should not pull the owner from side to side, dog should be able to sit and lie down when requested to do so. Wheaten will also retrieve well; will bark on command and perform staying in the place where it was ordered to stay.

Agility is a team sport. It is an exercise for both the dog and its master.agility The aim of the team is to make the dog run through the arranged number of obstacles, ideally without making mistakes and in the shortest time possible. Agility has strict rules. The obstacles have a given shape and size and the dog should get over them in a certain order and in a given way, not doing so is considered a mistake. The success of several Wheatens at the agility races and exams confirms the fact that this sport certainly belongs to the favourite leisure time activities of Wheatens.

Coursing stands for hunting in an unclear and dissected natural terrain. This dog sport is based on hunting instincts that not only greyhounds perform. The dogs follow a colourful tassel on a reel. The dog runs in a natural environment, dodges between the obstacles and runs across an uneven surface. In the end the dog catches the tassel or, in other words, bites the prey to death. Most of the Wheatens will love the Sunday races.


Flyball is a competition of four teams consisting of four dogs. The members of the team have to overcome four jumping obstacles, at the end they pick up the ball and carry it to the finish as soon as possible. The activity has a swift pace. The winner is the fastest dog team.

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Year 2017 went quite fast. It was for me and my dogs very fast, sometimes crazy.

Making news for web is more and more complicated for me, after getting FB two years ago...

In spring ...

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